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Default Bandwidth Per User

Upon first connection, the user is assigned with the default bandwidth for upload and download in kilobits per second. To change the default bandwidth per user, login to web admin interface of the machine and go to Bandwidth > Speed Limter tab.

Modifying bandwidth for individual user

To change the bandwith of individual wifi user, login to web admin internface of the machine. Go to WiFi Users tab and click on Edit button beside the specific wifi user, under the Action column of the table.

A modal will popup. Edit the bandwidth (upload/download) and click on Update button. No need to restart the machine after the change.

IMPORTANT: If you want to change the default bandwidth limiter per user later, all users with default bandwidth will also update their bandwidth with the new settings EXCEPT THE ONES WHOSE BANDWIDTH ARE ALL READY EDITED.

Global bandwidth limit

The purpose of global bandwith is to limit the total bandwidth consumption of the machine whenever the number of users increase. This is to make sure your other business don’t get affected during peak hours of wifi users.

How does it work?

Example scenario:

Speed per user = 1024kbps upload/download

Port priority bandwidth percentage = 30%

Global limit = 5mbps upload/download

No. of wifi users = 20

Now here’s the problem:

20 x 1024kbps = ~20mbps. This is more than the allocated global bandwidth of 5mbps. To solve this, the machine will divide the global bandwidth equally to the number of wifi users so that bandwidth consumption will stay at ~5mbps.


Total sharable bandwith = global bandwidth limit - (30% of global bandwidth limit)

5mbps = 5,000 kbps

Port prioty bandwidth = 30% of 5,000 kbps = 1500kbps

Compute speed per user:

(5000 kbps - 1500 kbps) / 20 users = ~175 kbps per user

Thus, each user will have an HTB rate of ~175bkps with a ceiling of 1024kbps (HTB is a kind of traffic shaping discipline).
Meaning, an individual user can have a minimum speed of ~250kbps and can reach a maximum of 1024kbps if there's an extra available bandwidth (if traffic is not so congested).

To adjust the global bandwidth limit, login to web admin interface of the machine and go to Bandwidth > Speed Limiter.

What if `Use global limit as bandwidth limiter for all users` option is enabled?

When this is enabled, the users will still share the available bandwidth and have a HTB rate of ~175kbps (in the example case above). But the ceiling will be the global bandwidth limit which is 5mbps instead of the individual limit of 1024kbps. `Meaning, an individual user can have a minimum speed of 175kbps and a maximum speed of 5mbps`.

IMPORTANT: If you changed a bandwidth of individual user in `WiFi Users` tab, the total bandwidth consumption will be affected. Remember that global bandwith limit is the total speed of all users.

Some machine owners edit their device’s bandwith way too large like 20000kbps just to avoid lags when configuring the machine. Do not do that or lese bandwidth limiter will not work properly.

Don’t change the bandwidth of individual user making the overall total wifi users bandwidth exceed the global bandwidth limit. Overall total bandwith of users must not exceed global bandwidth limit.

Traffic Shaping

Traffic shaping is used to prioritize network traffic from the ports of given applications or games. Packets from and to these ports will leave and enter the network stack faster than normal traffic. The bandwidth allocated for prioritized ports is set as percentage of the global bandwidth limit.

For example, if your priority ports bandwidth is 30% of your global limit, 30% of the bandwidth will be allocated for the prioritized ports. The other 70% bandwidth will be shared among all users for common traffic (like browsing, downloads, email, etc.). Sharing of the bandwidth is already explained in Global bandwidth limit section.

NOTE: Even though the port priority’s bandwidth percentage is lower than normal traffic, the packets are still prioritized over normal traffic until it reaches the allocated bandwidth which is 30% of the global bandwidth in the example case above.

To change the bandwidth percetage allocation of prioritized ports, login to admin interface of the machine and go to Bandwidth > Traffic Shaping section.

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