Like most comercial softwares in the market, our software needs a valid license key to take advatage of its full potential.

Obtain License Key

To activate the software, you need to have a valid license key which you can obtain here. We only accept PayPal and PayPal supported credit/debit cards as online payment method as of the moment. For those who don’t have PayPal or debit/credit card, you can pay via bank deposti to our account in Unionbank. Please email us for details.

Activate The Software

To activate the software in your machine, login to the machine’s admin interface. Then go to Device tab. There you will see the input field for the license key.

Just copy and paste your license into the input field to activate the license.


  • Make sure you use the latest image from our website. Old softwares sometimes doesn’t work or is deprecated.
  • Machine is already revoked error – please refer to this article
  • License key is invalid or machine is not connected to internet error – make sure the UTP/LAN cable is connected properly to the rapsberry pi and to the modem and make sure the raspberry pi is connected to the internet.

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