Setting up wired subvendo using Arduino Nano and W5500 wired ethernet module.

  1. Materials Needed
    • Arduino Nano
    • W5500 Ethernet Module
    • Female-female Jumper Wires
  2. Flash Arduino nano firmware using Xloader. Download Here.
  3. Follow wirings from the diagram
  4. Connect w5500 LAN to Access point LAN (your captive portal ip should be
  5. Open AdoPiSoft admin
- Go to Payment Portals
- Scroll to sub-vendos section
- Tick/Check Open (auto-accept connections)
- Wait for the sub-vendo to connect (refresh the page every 5 seconds)
- After the sub-vendo has connected, uncheck Open (auto-accept connections)
- Set your sub-vendo security token and tick Automatically apply changes to connected devices
- Hit Save Changes
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